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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any eligibility requirements for tourist visa of a country ?

Every country has a different eligibility criteria for visitor visa. However, the most common parameter is a strong travel intent that indicates that you will go for the sightseeing and/or adventure activities in the country. Along with this, financial security affirmation and proper health condition might be something that the authorities check.

Can I work while studying in Canada ?

Yes. Many international students opt for part-time jobs in order to manage their expenses. However, your study permit determines if you can work on-campus or off-campus. In addition, the number of work hours per week are pre-determined and it is not allowed to exceed the number. While studying, a separate work permit is not required.

Do I need a Study Permit (Student Visa) ?

Nearly every country that takes in international students requires a study visa. For instance, when applying for Canada, if your course duration is more than six months or if the current course ends in six months and you wish to pursue another one, student visa is mandatory.

How do I apply for a temporary resident visa ?

You can note down the list of documents required and the process of preparing an application for a TRV or hire an immigration consultant that can do the ground work for you. While this saves time, their expertise increases the chances of application approval.

How long is my Study Permit valid for and does it need renewal ?

Study permit is only valid till the duration of your course. If you wish to pursue another course or plan to extend your stay, you need to apply for a renewal. Also, the application for study permit extension should ideally be filed at least three to four months before the expiration of current study permit. Though it is often said that study permit is applicable for 90 days after the course ends, it is better to apply in advance for easy application processing via authorities.

What is a temporary resident visa ?

Temporary Resident Visa, better known as TRV, is an official document which proves that you meet all the requirements for temporary residency in Canada. Obtaining this visa is fairly easy provided that you have a strong purpose of visit and a legitimate background check.

What is the role of Visa Expert 24 Immigration Solutions?

As a consultant for your visa services, Visa Expert 24 Immigration Solutions provides assistance with visa associated processes like forming the application, arranging documents, Statement of Purpose, list of colleges or places to visit, application submission and status check, etc. In other words, seeking help from consultants at Visa Expert 24 immigration Solutions saves you from the hassles of applying for visa, be it study or tourist, as well as Permanent Residency.

When should I apply for my study permit ?

After you receive a document that confirms your admission in the university, immediately apply for study permit. Usually, the new session of an international university starts in the month of March-April or September. So, do not delay your study permit process as it might cost you additional six months.

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